Everybody knows the story of Jesus … right? Then we just need a quick refresher:

Mary and Joseph were going to Bethlehem to pay their taxes. One night an angel came to Joseph and said that Mary was going to have a child.  The angel told him the child would be named Emmanuel. When they got to Bethlehem they checked at a couple of inns, but all of them were full. The last innkeeper they asked said there was no room left, but that he knew of a manger that was partly empty. He led them there, showed them around, and went back to his inn. That night Mary gave birth to her son, whom she named Jesus, the opposite of what the angel advised Joseph! According to the story, Jesus later became the savior.

So, now that all of you are refreshed, we can get to the point!

You guys have heard about Egypt, right? And you know that Egyptians had their own gods and mythology and everything. Well, one of their gods was called Horus, the god of the sky. It turns out that there are many similarities between him and Jesus! For example:

  • They were both born on the 25th of December.
  • They were both conceived by a virgin.
  • The mother of Jesus was Mary, and the mother of Horus was Meri.
  • Both of their births were announced by angels.
  • After Jesus’ birth, Herod tried to have him murdered, and the same thing happened with Horus, except that for him it was Herrut who tried to kill him.
  • Both of them were baptized at age 30.
  • Both of their baptizers were later beheaded.
  • Both of them had 12 disciples.
  • Both of them delivered a sermon on a hill or mountain.
  • They were both executed.

Convincing enough? For more examples visit:


There was also a god or hero named Mithras, who was also born on December 25 and had lots of similarities as well …